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Bobbing behavior of Northern Waterthrush
found by Paul Schorr  at Contra Loma Res., Antioch, Contra Costa County, CA.
Great Horned Owl chick Bubo virginianus   
Photo by Dave Furseth
MDAS Northern California Daily Checklist
NEW 2010 Contra Costa County Checklist now available!
What "rare" birds currently are being seen in our area? Call the Northern California Bird Box for the latest updates:
Not sure what birds have been seen California?  The state total is now up to 651, which includes two new species I got to see, Bean Goose and Common Cuckoo! Take a look at the official California Bird List of the Western Field Ornithologists' California Bird Records Committee.   Updated  22 Jan 2013.
Note the current placement of Falcons and Parrots!!
Buller's Sheawater                                                                                                         by Mike Dansenbaker
Puffinus bulleri